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01/24/10 10:28:34PM
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Hollywood and Owain Glyndwr?

Promoting Wales in the USA

Gaabi said : " because Welsh people are quiet, they don't boast, it's not in their character to draw everyone's attention to them themselves or the things they've done. It's more in their character to do whatever they're doing and get on to something else when it's done and why would you go on about that, it's done anyway? "You know thats pretty much me in a nutshell right there gaabi, I rather just get the job done and over with and on to the next one. To me nothing to brag about, to complain a little about around the house I guess cause in my head I cant figure out why others can't do that, or when they did one small plate they brag for 3 days. Like you said about your Irish friend.As for the movie idea on Owain thats a tough question. I think Hollywood hasnt done it yet cause One the right Director/producer hasn't gotten a hold of it, or gotten the gumption up to do it. Acors to play Owain : Ioan Gruffudd , Would Anthony Hopkins be considered too "old" for the part?