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Brian y Tarw Llwyd
03/02/16 01:50:42PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:

Penblwydd Hapus i chi!  Happy Birthday to you!  May your day be full of good friends and family, and good cheer.
Pob hwyl

Ceri Shaw
03/20/14 06:57:47AM @ceri-shaw:


Ceri Shaw
03/20/14 06:33:07AM @ceri-shaw:

Diolch for the gift Dilwyn.....we are re launching 3 word if you're up for it

Ceri Shaw
02/24/14 07:33:36PM @ceri-shaw:
You are herby awarded a prestigious AmeriCymru 'Ball of Honor' for excellence in the matter of predicting the Wales v France Six Nations result 2014 . Llongyfarchaidau/Congrats :)
alwyn parry
12/09/11 07:30:15PM @alwyn-parry:

gweld bod ganddoch ddiddordeb mewn llyfrau ac yn mwynhau eich ymneilltuo yn Spain roeddwn yn meddwl efalla bod ganddoch amser i ddarllen fy llyfr rwyf newydd cyhoeddi ar Amazon ebook 'the quarryman's son.

Ceri Shaw
03/31/10 10:06:25PM @ceri-shaw:
Belated 'Ball of Honor' award for closest Scotland v Wales scoreline prediction. Llongyfarchion:)
Ceri Shaw
02/12/10 07:27:57AM @ceri-shaw:
Hi DilwynEmail us your phone number ( americymru@gmail.com ) and we'll give you a call tomorrow and walk you through it. Basically you've added the pic as an attachment instead of putting it in the post. You could try deleting and looking for the pic graohic at the top of the dialog box rather than the one with the little folded page icon. But if you'd prefer we'll call you tomorrow.BTW I have been meaning to email to thank you for the book which we received a little while ago. Gaabriel and I have enjoyed many chuckles:) We would love to discuss ways to promote the title with you.CheersCeri/Gaabriel
Howard Evans
02/12/10 02:57:12AM @howard-evans:
Hi Dilwyn....just thought I'd draw your attention to this post:-http://americymru.ning.com/profiles/blogs/calling-all-welsh-bands-ampIt's a great opportunity for Welsh bands to make their music more widely known in the US. Contact Sean Owens at IRFT Celtic Radio. Details on the blogpost.
01/04/10 01:59:18AM @gaabi:
Your Bardic Whoopee Cushion Award for 2009
John Good/Sioni Dda
10/15/09 04:16:05PM @john-good-sioni-dda:
Shwmai Dilwyn, so now we have an Afan Valley gang. Have you ever been there....it's special?
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