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English commentators

user image 2010-06-16
By: Dai Williams
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Can someone help. First off just before England played their first game, they insulted the Welsh and themselves, by stating that the Welsh Guards fought the Zulus at Rorkes Drift.

It was B company of the 24th of foot the Warwickshire regiment, who were renamed the "South Wales Borderers" on their return from South Africa, by Queen Vic.

Then at the German game, you would have thought we were still at war with them.

They have been our allies all my life, and I stood shoulder to shoulder with them against the Warsaw pact.

Then when Brazil played north korea, they were all n korean fans, the people who want to start the thrid world war. Am I missing something here or are they just fools, by the way this has all been on ITV.

They are evil commies who want to kill everyone else.

Come on just because England are rubbish don't take it out on everyone else please.