The Raindrops Remember: Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Aberfan

Nancy E Wright2
12/01/16 05:01:53AM
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The raindrops remember that day of black water

When their prism teardrops spilled into slurry 

As the grownups screamed "Hurry" to small bodies buried,

Forced to stare and to strangle into a smothering death unhurried.

It was just after morning prayer, with the coal tips still perched there,

Seven altogether, stoic and waiting

Like the days of the week. . . . . . . .







                                 Sun  . . . . . . . .  . . . . .  day

But it was not, and yet the sabbath cracked,

Its divine spine broken under the weight of negligence then disbelief.

The raindrops remember . . . . . 

The raindrops remember, because they comprise the same water.

Clouds pouring themselves into pulverized coal

And unlike the victims, the droplets ensconced

Rode particles of air to return to the sky

Only to come down again and again.

The raindrops remember . . . . . 

The raindrops remember

That water gives us life

And water drowns that life,

That coal gives us warmth

And coal infests the air

And tumbles onto the human frame from tip to toe.

The raindrops remember.

The raindrops remember 

That coal warms the body and coal kills the lung,

That water grows the flowers and water floods the meadow,

That tradition keeps us going and tradition keeps the tips in place.

That the child and the shepherd are the clarions of danger,

That when those clarions sound, the engineer is ready to measure,

That every breath is sacrifice and every breath is a gift,

That life is immeasurable beyond any slide rule,

Even when those who rule watch it slide from those they rule. 

The raindrops remember.

The raindrops remember.

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