The Gnostic Duality of Electromagnetic Radiation

Meic Alger
11/30/16 11:17:43PM
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Sometimes the person next to you is talking and you think, ok, now I know what you think. Other times you hear someone talking and you think, yeah, I know what you mean, but then there are those times when a person opens your heart with his or her argument and convinces you

Like personal goat sacrifices

This doesn’t happen very often


But it is why we believe in crucifixions

            Last week I was at one of those parties

Where people refer to books by the author’s last name

And ideas by the titles of books

                        I realized

They are all an endless process

And in that sense correct

            (…though I hate them and now doubt Calvary)

I wear these tides of fear between the train stations of clinging together

They are the house-slippers of my self-naming…


                                                                                                                      I know

And it is through light that we grope our way

Because we are the thoughts of light

…a scientist will tell you about photons and their emission by matter, while a poet will tell you about vibrating souls

But we worship a god of light

And there are eight winds in the trouser tuck of the Mediterranean

A piece of lint floats from Pythagoras to Orpheus

Through a friend of Bacchus

            --Dionysius to the Maitre d’ at the Olive Garden

                                   (…get you in with a good table even on the weekend)




Split hairs,

Bad translations

                                   Or just inadequate languages

                                                                                              I mean...

            (Verbs that must be

“conjugated” by subject inclusion)

                                   How caveman-esque?


Don’t get me wrong

The thin, reedy patois is my favorite form of expression

But it has its limits

...dial one for getting it wrong

In the beginning was...

The fiery breath that woke matter

(In this great twisting together

The truth is in the stretching)


...the word?

Four letters

Limited meaning

Rusting significance

                                                           Yeah, but…   

Fertile deltas come from flooding rivers


Byproducts of erosion

                                                           What did you say?

A belief system founded on a Greek predicate


Change is just corruption without the attitude

Oh, now I get it

So, ethos is ok if it shares its etymology with plastic toy building blocks

And there is life in life in paralytic metaphor

But like Dr. Frankenstein we have to hike it up on the table

Attach the lightning rods to the temple

And wait for a storm

Your attention, please

Will passenger Parmenides please report to the ticket counter?




The late afternoon sun of the winter melts

The inner butter of the Mediterranean infrastructure to the color

Of sands on which wash waves of American accents

Nothing much is said

Followed by French and later Italian

A world where A equals B

And it is easy to believe that light is god

            (With or without a capital)

But B equals A is not always accepted

Divinities moving a a certain speed does not sit well

Under mitres

On benches made of clouds

Or strong opinions about sin

                                                                        But fortunately for them

The metaphor breaks down as it should

When placed inside of strangling definition

A tomato is a fruit, but is a fruit a tomato?

This argument of particles and waves makes the choir nervous

Even though religious belief tends to change when observed

(...and if you think about it

it makes sense in both cases)

            Thinking could actually be light

Well, light that was catered and delivered to the reception

No one wants to spend the hours immediately before the holiday in a kitchen

So, without light there would be no gravy

Bounced upside down into the definitions that surround us

Defining our límits

Shaping our actions

I wonder to myself if we can smoke light and serve it with scrambled eggs

It’s like kick starting one of those Vespas

And then roaring down a cobbled street

Maybe the ancients did know the answer to Six Across

After all they worshipped the sun

And its seasonal swinging

They wrapped it in personal adjectives


All we did was sign the adoption papers