The Idiosyncratic Orthography of the Magi

Meic Alger
11/30/16 11:13:05PM
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I hesitate to girdle my thoughts

In letters sewn together

Because they become recess bullies

Too easily in these taxis

Where natural phenomena develop consciousness

With their radios blaring polkas

Or the latest gavotte

That hit the charts in one of those

Alternative universes


Four doors let in many passengers

Hats, however, only fit a specific set of heads

Take, for example, the three wise men

(In some corners they are kings)

Talk about a long shot

Or for that matter any trip to the airport

In most cities it is

Hurry, hurried and hurriedly

Translation is such a broken latch

And who knows

What they put in the trunk

                (Boot in the mother country and second empire dialects)

A panic for these passengers of prose

Blue suitcase, blue shoes

And is an ascot over-packing?

Well, no one can tell until unfolded

And held up to the socks

Still I say, let customs wonder…

…it is their job after all

And any who

Letters stitched

Against the breeze will only work

In limited ways

So, why not throw them onto the page

Like dice

And shout “O come all ye faithful”

To tell you the truth they lost me at the myrrh

Because under the big top

Despite the order of the pitches played

On those paint-faded calliopes

Even-toed ungulate s can have hunches too

(Camelus bactrianus that is…Camelus dromedaries is limited to one)

While the boys in the crocheted panchos were merely following

Ancient but still visible light


R ecent excavations of fossils in the   Timna Valley  

Dated to around 930 BC

Allow us to hang a date on the stories

Of   Abraham ,   Joseph ,   Jacob   and Esau

So, if we burn all dictionaries

With fewer than ten possibilities

Their entries will sing a new ditty every day

                Have a little faith

                The croupier is a friend of my cousin

And for every slipper by the fire

(And ten dollar bill on black)

Just say an “Ave Maria” before you toss the old pigskin

It will land in the direction it is thrown

                Vegas wasnt the only thing built on an inkling

And as long as you believe in the bounce through knowing

There is no shortage of truth in sprained ankles

Though do be careful not to break the basement window