The Night Owl Hoppers at the Renaissance Ball and Grill

Meic Alger
11/30/16 11:10:28PM
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Purple-black red splashed mud

On the silk soles of Giovanni’s slippers

Just one more pretension warmed over

In an endless bowl of alphabet soup

                               Without the peas

It ain’t rocket science

And it ain’t Kansas, Toto

But what it is depends not so much on the lay of the table

As on who made the value judgments on the spoons

                                               And that, my friends, changes everything you ever thought you knew

Like death on a cheap diner late night

Lazily lapping round the dessert

No one ever expects the blue plate to be fatal

                               And yet

The logic of all those films

The Stooges made in Hollywood…

Largely without the intellectual tradition of Blake

                               …flies south every winter

To roast and roost in those ever so hard to reach spots

Under the eaves and behind the Heliocentric…

Shall we use the good crystal?

                               Better not

When you’re challenging

The stitching on ermine under miters

Or any other opinion with tenure

It’s always in your favor to check the labels and never dot

Your whys


The chairs have a way about them

They can’t help it really

A couple of catered banquets

And they begin to think they are above the table

And as far away from Major Strasser as possible

(The old guest list über the carte de jour trick)

Or as my grandmother used to call it

The inevitability of two toilet suburbia

                But with different phrasing, of course…

It’s sad that it comes to this

But in the end even lace tablecloths are seen

                               With suspicion

Truth can get you killed said the Cheshire Cat

Or words at least more or less to that effect

The logic of rabbits with watches will inevitably go off

                               With their heads

…though I blame the cushions for that

(They live so much of their lives in fear of grape juice stains)

Who ordered the cheesecake?

                The cook says we’re out of blueberries…

                But if you want he can garnish it with some strawberries

Or a dab of the whipped dignity of man

                                                                              …as long as you take it to go