TWO HEROES by Christopher R. Williams

Christopher R. Williams
11/30/16 12:24:14PM
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by Christopher R. Williams


A Geordie boy with a heart of gold

found wonder in a tale of old.

The story of a man with a record to break

who met with disaster on a Cumbrian lake.

Bluebird ……

Bluebird ……

such power and speed

But where is she now, where is she indeed.


So the boy now a man searched by night and by day

in the dark murky waters she surely must lay.

Until on a dive he turned round to see

twisted metal ……

blue paint ……

could it be.


So Bluebird was raised and returned to the shore

to where she set out thirty four years before.

But what of her skipper, the speed king on water

“please find him” ……

the request ……

from his only daughter.


With heavy hearts and eyes filled with emotion

his body was recovered with care and devotion.

Draped in the flag of the country he loved

returned from dark water to the sunshine above.

To be honoured ……

and blessed ……

And lovingly, finally, laid to rest.


So the mystery of Coniston is finally known.

The story of Bluebird, remembered, retold.

And our hero Donald Campbell

from our minds will never slip.

And we owe it all to a new hero

his champion ………., Bill Smith.