THE GREAT ORME by Christopher R. Williams

Christopher R. Williams
11/30/16 10:40:18AM
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The Great Orme

by Christopher R. Williams


Mighty Orme so strong and true

keeping watch, over me and you.

At your feet, the township lies

crescent shore, and buildings high.


Mighty Orme so high above

keep us safe, and keep us loved.

Down below, we gaze and wonder

all our fears, you put asunder.


Mighty Orme from the sea you rise

demanding reverence, from awe struck eyes.

Power and grace, a force of nature

a winking light, your guide for sailors.


Mighty Orme your heart of copper

bright and shining, rich in colour.

Glowing, beating, beaming out

to chase away, our cares and doubt.


Mighty Orme your cliffs so steep

with pounding waves, that crash and sweep.

Ever present, always near

as we sleep, your voice we hear.


Mighty Orme in all your glory

for years gone by, you’ve watched our story.

In our hearts, we hope and pray

for evermore, you’ll stand and stay.