SEE YOU....... MY LOVE by Olayinka Idris

11/29/16 04:04:55AM
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See you on pay day
When I'll buy you all what money can buy
And groom you up
Like the real Africa queen that you are
Hand in hand
Side by side
We go shopping all day

See you on raining day
When heavenly blessings will shower down on us
And wash our tears away
In the rain, we will kiss and dance to the tune of nature
The tune, right from the angels of sound and purity

See you on sunny day
When sunlight will shine on everything we do
And lit up our way
For us not to go astray

See you on holy day
When we will bow down before Most High
And say our prayers
To be forgiven and blessed like sacred cows
And go unpunished unlike scape goats

See you on holiday
When we will free our minds
From all life uprising and unrest
And go places we have never been before
With pleasure, we will make sacrifice for our love

Till then,
See you..... My love

© Olayinka Idris

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