Oh Job!? by Sarah Z.

11/18/16 02:44:16AM
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Lifeless girl
Sits like a frog
Ribbit croaking
On a shoulder
Rough as a boulder
Mind in a fog
She has no dog
A girl just sobs
She is a blob
Dresses as a slob
Where is a job?
A spider sits
On a big door knob
Snow is slippery
Driveways full of snow
If she had only had a shovel
She could make some dough
Her car gets a tow
She falls in the snow
Hitting her toe
With a huge glow
Pain she feels
She truly squeals
Like a pig pen
Will she get zen?
Coins jingle in her pocket
No electricity in her socket
Holes in her pocket
She has no rocket
To escape this pain
What will she gain?
No money for food
Her friends are rude
What shall she do?
If she only knew
Time flew
Grass with dew
Did she get the flu?What shall she do?
How to survive?

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