The Stories of Rhys - Children's book series

Christopher R. Williams
12/17/12 09:33:41AM
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Buying an eBook reader this Christmas? The Stories of Rhys children's eBooks are great value at $4.50. You can download them direct from the Amazon website. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my readers and supporters.

Harold Powell
10/02/12 05:01:33PM
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I keep hundreds of books on my Kindle 3. Many are reference books including two translations of the Bible, three exhaustive dictionaries (American and Oxford English) and I haven't even scratched the surface. It will hold over 3,000 volumes and the battery stays charged 31 days. My Kindle 3 also gives me instant access to Google and Wikipedia using the built-in browser.

But, my wife and I also have over 5,000 volumes in our traditional library and wouldn't trade them for anything.

However, looking at your photo, I can tell you that your collection of CWRW bottles will not fit in the Kindle.

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
10/02/12 03:58:01PM
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I really hope you do publish it in paper form, Christopher. The book looks delightful and I'll certainly buy a copy in traditional book form. Personally, I don't think that books will ever become entirely digital.

Christopher R. Williams
10/02/12 02:55:02PM
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Thanks for all your thoughts Harold. I'll take it all into account over the next few days and decide what to do. I really hoped that the Kindle eBook was the answer and it would get the stories out there, particularly as children take to them so well in schools, but it seems that the digital revolution is some way off yet. Maybe it will never come for printed books?

The story of Wales on BBC tonight. Looking forward to it.


Harold Powell
10/02/12 01:57:40PM
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I purchased the Kindle edition and whenever available I prefer it that way.

However, for children I think a printed version would be better.

My main Kindle is black and white only. But I also have Kindle on my Desktop in color--but I hate to read a book on a desktop PC or notebook, my Android Galaxy S3 smartphone is in color--and I do use it to read whenever I have to wait for any reason or my iPad which is in color-but is ridiculously overpriced and really not worth the extra bucks unless you're a developer like me and have to buy one I call the iPad my Bing machine because Apple has declared war on Google and is doing everything in their partisan little minds they can think of to block their users from using Google products--which are superior to the Bing search engine, iOS6 Maps, etc. The Kindle Fire is in color and is fine for children and is a Fork of Android but not everyone has one.

If you go with or you can sell your book in printed form one copy at a time: hardback or paper back.

Christopher R. Williams
10/02/12 09:10:46AM
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Hi everyone,
I have been promoting the books literally around the world and there is a consistent theme in replies and questions. 'Are the stories available as printed books?'
I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. Do you think print is a better option?I can get the books published using Kindle Create Space and they would be listed on Amazon in much the same way as the eBooks are. Price would be higher though. What do you think would be an acceptable price? Which would be best? Ebooks or printed books?
Christopher R. Williams
Kindle eBooks available at Amazon
Christopher R. Williams
09/12/12 05:22:05PM
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Hi everyone.
The Stories of Rhys are an exciting mystery adventure series set in North Walesabout a Welsh dragon called Rhys who has a destiny in Snowdonia thathe knows nothing about, .......... yet. The stories have just been launched on Amazon as Kindle eBooks priced $4.50 and contains full colour illustrations. Please take a look at the preview. Here is what it's all about:-
Born in the very heart of Snowdonia on a terrible stormy night, a special baby dragon is taken away to safety leaving behind the body of his father who had died to save him. Fleeing from their blazing home which lit the night sky, his mother carried him far away to a cave on a rocky headland at the edge of the sea. There she must hide him until he is an adult dragon who can fly and protect himself with fire. For in Snowdonia, in the damp darkness of the slate mines, a black dragon rules with a terrifying and merciless cruelty. The firetooth of each of his victims hangs around his neck as a warning to anyone who dares to challenge him. His face is horribly burnt and the very existence of the baby dragon threatens him. He has sworn to kill him so that he can never use his special dragon breath, but the baby dragon grows up to learn of the injustice and hatred that his life is founded on, and that only he can save Snowdonia and free the dragon slaves.
The special dragon is Rhys, and this is his story, The Stories of Rhys.
Book 1 The Great Orme
Book 2 Ieuan and the slate mines of Snowdonia
Book 3 Rhys makes fire!
Book 4 The battle for Snowdonia
Book 5 The crown, the kingdom, the truth
Book 6 Rhys and the legend of the Ice Dragon

Book 7 The end and the beginning

This is a web link toAmazon The Stories of Rhys Kindle eBook
This is a web link to my website
The story is simply fantastic and there is more detail than I can possibly tell you about here. Please take a look.
Diolch yn fawr
Christopher R. W illiams
England UK

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