Neolithic Theme Park in Radnorshire?

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
04/13/13 09:57:58AM
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Second attempt at a response! First time, I typed in the link etc and clicked Reply but it told me to type something!

The link (tiresome damned things) is

I'm looking forward to seeing more about this too as it must be a phenomenal site and very important for the history of Wales.

04/12/13 09:37:13PM
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Thanks for posting that, Gaynor, I can't wait to hear more about this as they excavate - this is the article, correct?

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
04/12/13 11:08:12AM
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Today in the Western Mail, James Al-Mudallal reports on a dig at Walton Basin in Radnorshire which suggests that theremay have been a massive tribal centre at this location.

The site has been dated to between 3,800BC and 2,300BC. There are remains of palisades, curcuses (lengths of banks) and enclosures that look like monuments found at Stonehenge.

Excavations have been going on for 40 years by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust. They have found the remains of one of the largest neolithic timber constructions in Europe and seven monuments. A palisaded enclosure made from a circular perimeter of 1100-1200 timber logs would have accommodated 5 London Olympic stadia.

Pottery, tools, plants and food have been found and the archaeologists are confident of finding out more about the lives of the people who used this place.

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