Saturday February 11th – Wales v England 4.50pm - Scoreline Prediction

Ceri Shaw
02/11/17 03:18:21AM
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I'll go with 30-3 and I'll buy myself a pint if I'm right :)

02/10/17 08:17:10PM
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Wales 33

England 3

Brian y Tarw Llwyd
02/10/17 02:14:49PM
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Wales 26 - England 13

m.c. chuka
02/10/17 01:37:30PM
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England 19

Wales 28

Ceri Shaw
02/10/17 12:21:17AM
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Because watching the match becomes even more interesting when you've predicted the outcome

Whoever gets closest to the actual result for all five matches will be the proud recipient of our 2017 scoreline prediction prize. Pob lwc!

( If you need help picking a scoreline go here for inspiration:- Wales v England Results )


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