Sunday February 7th – Wales v Ireland 3.00pm – Scoreline Prediction

Ceri Shaw
02/07/16 08:10:37PM
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Well nobody predicted a draw!!! Sound like it was a helluva match....tempted to go watch at Kells this afternoon :)

Madoc Roberts
02/07/16 09:09:10AM
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Wales 24 - Ireland 18

Mike Watkins
02/07/16 08:47:12AM
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Wales to win 30-3

Huw Llywelyn Rees
02/07/16 08:06:24AM
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Ireland 16 Wales 28

Ceri Shaw
02/07/16 02:49:09AM
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Tim Bowen2: Left it a bit close with the reminder?  13-19 Wales win

Yes I did. I should look at the calendar a bit more often perhaps? :) Diolch for posting :)

Tim Bowen2
02/07/16 02:47:17AM
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Left it a bit close with the reminder?  13-19 Wales win

02/07/16 02:32:38AM
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Wales 12 - 8 Ireland

Ceri Shaw
02/07/16 02:32:37AM
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I think it will be close 21-23 to Wales!! :)

Ceri Shaw
01/17/16 01:23:07AM
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Because watching the match becomes even more interesting when you've predicted the outcome

Whoever gets closest to the actual result for all five matches will be the proud recipient of our 2016 scoreline prediction prize. Pob lwc!

( If you need help picking a scoreline go here for inspiration:- Wales v Ireland Results )


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