Michael Madden
02/16/19 03:49:18PM
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The River


Are you calling me?

Babbling, whispering

Daring to dream

Your early voices dancing on a shallow bed

But stronger then

Are you calling me?

Rumbling, tumbling

Picking your way

Careless steps, ah to be young once more

I hear your voice

Are you calling me?

Thundering wanderlust

Unchained lament

Now with pride and majesty

Ever nearer

Will you welcome me?

Overpowering, devouring

That vast domain

Where life will find its way

The River sleeps

Tomorrow to be strong

Elements will come and go, but

The River endures

With cold heart

And waves of eternity

Rambling, reaching, roaring, racing

You are The River

Are you calling me?

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