Balls and All That

Quentin Whistleton Thynne
05/22/10 09:02:51AM
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I was discussin with the Memsahib this very morn the merits and demerits of sending an English footer team to the Cape colony.

I'm not much of a round ball player myself, other than the occassional game of croquet or polo, but I can see the benefits of the Anglo Saxon advance guard as a first attempt to win back the Cape for all white thinking people. The Mem disagrees and suggests the Hottentot and Zulu have as much right to that land as the next fellow. This is what happens when bloody Liberals are invited to WI meetings.

But I digress.

The footer team is to be matched against Johnny Foreigner of every shade by all accounts including the Hun theFrog, theCandlemaker and Frey Bentos merchants. Nothing unusual in this other than there's no ordnance involved to liven events up a tad. Shame really as I've crossed swords with them all in my time. What gets my goat however is the fact that without a gunboat or two we never seem to win. It's a bloody disgrace.

I was skipping through the Telegraph at brecca and noticed that the incumbent crusaders had been sent to Austria, of all places, to acclimatise themselves for a tussle on the Veldt. Can't see the reasoning myself as a good jog around Scaffel Pike would suffice for their purposes methinks.

Whatever, I intend to decamp to my estates in Zimbabwe in the hope that an England victory will start orf a revolution.


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