Bill Tillman
05/21/10 09:52:49PM
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Where is the fire extinguisher?
Quentin Whistleton Thynne
05/21/10 09:26:05AM
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There is nothing more appalling to the all seeing eye than a Tory and a Liberal swanning about in a manner that's likely to contravene the Love In Act of 1968. T'aint natural. T'aint pretty. T'aint nice.

The Cameron creature has sold out onhis heritage by sidling up to that whippersnapper Clegg - a manwho ,I have it on the highest authority, buys his own furniture.

There was a time when Johnny Liberal knew his place at the furthest reaches of the Empire; the American Colonies, Canada, Her Majesty's PrisonAustralia, South Africa et al all took up that preposterous notion of freedom for all white peoplewith a vengeance.

WE NEED ORDER! Preferably instilled by the gentle and considerate hands of an RSMserving inthe British army. By Gad! That takes me back to thedays of diaphanous gels, warm beer and sla.. er servants; lots of spank, respect and propriety then. Today we only see wanton spending without equity.Today I received some forty billion in back rents. That's no good to me when I could have hadeighty if they hadn't payed up. Bloody Liberalism.

QWT Col (Rtd)

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