Bloody Electorate

Quentin Whistleton Thynne
05/08/10 09:36:39AM
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Now look here my colonial chums.

It's all very wellliving in a democracy - nonsensical egalitarian tosh - but what's the bloody point when it gives every kind of socialist Johnny a chance to blight the lives of his betters with absurd notions such asfree health care and education for all; the peasant should know his place and that place is under my boot. I will say this however. I am a great believer in noblesse oblige providing that thescum in my control surrender a daughter or two up for ius primae noctis; it's the least they can do for my allowing them to workthe land. As for the franchise! How can you possibly trust anyone who's poor, honest and God fearin' to influence the world in anyway at all.The peasant exists to work for me, fight for me and die for meas and when I wish it. I was onlysaying to the Memsahib 't'other day that what we need is a return to some good old fashioned feudalism on a global scale.

Think of it. You know it makes sense.

QWT (Col Rtd )

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