Ceri Shaw
10/03/08 06:56:06AM
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i would like to confirm these findings. After more than half a century of research in the dive bars of Cardiff I am pleased to announce that the missing link has been found.They are indeed from Ynys Mon! I have no idea what primitive ancestry they connect us to but suffice it to say that they are the genuine article.According to Oregon State Law they must write releases before I can discuss these unique specimens further.Sadly neither one of them has been able to leave the bar for long enough to do this hitherto.Our research will continue. Tomorrow I am bound for the hinterland,...yes ...Pontlottyn...we are utterly fearless.
Gareth Williams
10/02/08 11:10:15AM
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Professor Emiritus Dr Ceri Shaw Batchelor of Brains SA with Honours has made a startling discovery which will revolutionise the study of early mankind and force revised theories on missing links.He claims to have two hairy wild specimens from deepest darkest North West Anglesey.They can be seen here exclusively on this site under the names of Hugh Roberts and Gaz Williams
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