"Anti-Welsh census row (Daily Telegraph 13 Aug 2011)

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
08/30/11 04:11:53PM
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As Brian says, Turnbull makes a valid point. Presumably there wasno Gaelic on it either yet there were completely foreign languages available (no disrespect to them). I've spent a lot of time gathering 1911 censuses for my Ancestry tree and some of my Welsh ancestors did complete the census in Welsh but of course it was a much simpler form (just one page!).

Rhianne Griffiths
08/30/11 01:19:33PM
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Welsh ex-pats stand up and be counted, wherever you may be! Oh no! He's not Welsh, he just USED to live in Wales! LOL.

If only Iain Turnbull had been registered on Americymru!

Oooops! [Clarification needed Ceri: if you have lived in Wales even for just a 'wee' time, and you have a Scottish name, and are NOT born in Wales, are you entitled to be a member of Americymru?] ROFL

I'd have sent him a Welsh language version of the Census by 'carrier-pigeon'.

[ I bet there were thousands of them delivered to Welsh households that ended up in the bin. But at least we had the choice of completing it in the Welsh language. ]

Brian y Tarw Llwyd
08/27/11 03:02:21PM
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His logic is inescapable... somebody at the census office should be bloody embarrassed.

Cymraeg am byth! :-D

Turnbull, eh? Maybe we should vote to make him an honorary Welshman?

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
08/14/11 11:38:02AM
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