"Colorful" Welsh-Americans

Ian K Griffiths
04/18/10 04:50:35PM
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There's no doubt, Ellis' ancestors were coal miners. Have you noticed how many children of the pit are geologists. A meteorite is merely the geology of another planet etc.. We Welsh are the terriers of this Universe, ask Ellis, what would posses a man to move such a massive object over the distance mentioned..... I'm sure his answer to- Why?.... because I'm Welsh.... enough said.
01/19/09 06:57:20PM
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American history is full of hard-working, innovative and brave Welsh Americans but my favorites are the more "interesting" Welsh Americans. People have talked about John Rhys, who was present at the Newport Chartist uprising and may have fired shots and who was later in Texas reselling (several times) the land grant he received for his part in the Texas Revolution, but he was by no means alone in our history.Here in Oregon we have the story of Ellis Hughes and the Willamette Meteorite . The Willamette meteorite is the sixth largest in the world and was found by Oregon farmer Ellis Hughes, an enterprising Welsh immigrant who, with his family built a road to secretly drag the meteorite to their home from its former on land belonging to the Oregon Iron and Steel Company, where the Hughes family charged visitors admission to see it. Oregon Iron and Steel sued Hughes and after some appeals, won the suit and claimed the meteorite. It was later sold and donated to the American Museum of Natural History in NY, where it is on display now. Below you can see the meteorite and the wooden cart Hughes built to haul it and I believe that may be him on the cart.

http://www.usgennet.org/alhnorus/ahorclak/MeteorTreasures.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willamette_Meteorite
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