Welsh Toast Castle With Beans Moat

Following is a tutorial on creating a Welsh castle toast sculpture by the Welsh Chef. As this project involves altering or disfiguring the toast it cannot be considered pure Baragami.

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Amber Faith
03/15/14 04:09:05PM @amber-faith:

Yes, yes.... I'm already working on graph paper, plotting my sui generis laver-leek baragami design. ;)lol It shall be posted here.

03/15/14 11:22:24AM @gaabi:

lol.....we have a few new projects lined up soon. Watch this space!

And please feel free to submit pics of any of your own creations on the group

Lee Smith
03/15/14 11:18:03AM @lee-smith:

Ah fantastic work!

Im thinking of submitting this to a local tv station for a possible 'April Fools' story!

Totally amazing - will have a go myself soon!

I can feel a millennium stadium coming on!



Ceri Shaw
03/15/14 05:56:43AM @ceri-shaw:

Join our Baragami group here:- http://americymru.net/group/welshtoastarranginggroupbaragami