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Lovespoon Fans Welcome

user image 2016-05-09
By: Bob Tinsley
Posted in: Lovespoons
Lovespoon Fans Welcome

Ceri has worked hard to provide a place where aficionados of the Welsh Lovespoon can come to find such things. Click on the Stores button at the top of the page and you'll be introduced to four very skillful and creative carvers specializing in Welsh lovespoons (of whom I am one).

We're not just here to sell our wares. We also want to serve as a source of information about the history, legends and production of Welsh lovespoons in particular and the lovespoons of other cultures as well.

The Bretons, who are also Celts and have a language very similar to Welsh, also have a carved spoon tradition with romance at its center.

Click over to our stores and our timelines and see what we have to offer. Feel free to ask us questions about the history, symbology, production methods or anything else related to lovespoons. We'll be happy to answer. And if we don't know the answer, we probably know someone who does.

So come on by. The person to whom you give one of our lovespoons will remember you forever!

Ceri Shaw
05/13/16 12:41:17AM @ceri-shaw:

Just thought we should probably have a link to the new group on this blog :- :)

Bob Tinsley
05/13/16 01:02:45AM @bob-tinsley:

Good idea!

Ceri Shaw
05/11/16 04:33:47AM @ceri-shaw:

Check out our Lovespoons for sale page here:-

Andrew Railton
05/09/16 06:51:17PM @andrew-railton:

Brilliant idea Bob and Ceri. As I live locally (Wales) if there is anything I can do with regards to local news/information please let me know.

Ceri Shaw
05/11/16 04:35:37AM @ceri-shaw:

Hi Andrew

Are there any lovespoon events/exhibitions etc coming up in Wales? Would love to have a correspondent on the spot :)

05/09/16 06:15:29PM @gaabi:

Thank you for posting this, Bob - Ceri has been working really hard on this for a while.  It's not done but it works and we're still at it.  

Bob Tinsley
05/09/16 06:25:49PM @bob-tinsley:

No prob, Gaabi. This is a major upgrade to the site, and you guys deserve a few kudos.

Val White
05/09/16 05:34:13PM @val-white:

I would like to know if love spoons are a uniquely Welsh tradition. Are they made elsewhere?

Bob Tinsley
05/09/16 06:18:09PM @bob-tinsley:

Croeso, Val. Happy to have you here.

No, lovespoons are not uniquely Welsh.

The Swedes have a very rich lovespoon tradition although it is generally a step down the romantic ladder serving a "going steady" function rather than an engagement function.

The Norwegians have a wedding spoon that consists of two bowl tied together by a carved wooden chain. The bride and groom eat their first meal as man and wife at the wedding reception using this spoon. 

The people of Brittany in France also have a wedding spoon tradition. In this tradition each person has their own ornately carved spoon that they bring with them to weddings and religious feast days to eat with and to display. The more ornately carved the spoon, the higher the status of the owner. Romantic symbols are almost never present, but a young man, carried away by the atmosphere of a wedding may offer his spoon to a girl as a wedding proposal.

There are also lovespoons in Germany, Austria and certain parts of Africa.

Of all these the Welsh lovespoon has the richest romantic symbology.

I hope this answered your question. Please feel free to ask anything any time.


Ceri Shaw
05/09/16 04:43:21PM @ceri-shaw:

Diolch Bob...still a lot to do. Will be busy with this for the next few weeks at least :) There is also a dropdown menu below the stores button and lovespoon products available through the site are first on the list :)