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Welsh American Food

By Betty Belanus, 2013-04-15

My friend Lucy Long is compiling an American food dictionary. She asked me to write a short article about Welsh American food traditions. If you would be willing to share some family and/or community traditions, I would be really greatful! Of course I will include Welsh cakes, te bachs and St. David's Day banquets. But there is a lot more information about Welsh food than Welsh American food! Please send me any ideas, comments, etc. This will not include recipes, it is just a short informational article. Thanks! Contact me at my home email at

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Post Festival Thanks!

By Betty Belanus, 2009-07-12
Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the Wales Smithsonian Cymru program of the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in other ways by sending good wishes, visiting our Web site, etc. The Festival was a huge success with over 1 million visitors thanks to the great weather and interesting performances and demonstrations by over 130 Welsh participants and presenters. A lot of great photos and blogs were posted on our Web site, - please check it out!
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One Week to Go! Smithsonian Folklife Festival

By Betty Belanus, 2009-06-18
The Wales Smithsonian Cymru program at the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival starts Wednesday, June 24. Opening Ceremony is 11 a.m. on the Welsh Dragon Stage, and all are welcome as this is a free and open event on the National Mall in Washington, DC. First Minister Rhodri Morgan will be the featured speaker for Wales. The actual Festival events will begin around 12 when the Opening Ceremony is finished, and we also have an evening concert with Crasdant that night "after hours" (6-7:30ish). For complete line-up of the first day and days thereafter, see our Web site, and don't forget Welsh American Day on June 27! And for those of you who will be able to attend "only in spirit" - watch the Web site as there will be video features every day. It is going to be BENDIGEDIG! Betty Belanus, Curator
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It is hard to believe that all the hard work of the teams here in Washington, DC and back in Wales will come to fruition in less than two weeks now! Everyone is very excited! The Ty Unnos, a building project of the organization Coed Cymru, is already taking shape as anyone in Washington, DC exiting the Smithsonian Metro stop cannot avoid noticing. This weekend, site designer Angharad Pearce Jones and her crew arrive to start an amazing installation project along one fence line. It will be fascinating to see this take shape.Watch our Web site, for schedule updates, biographies of participants, and special events. Check out the Welsh Assembly Government's site as well at for even more information.I hope everyone who can possibly make it to Washington, DC will come at some point during the two weeks: June 24 - 28 and July 1 - 5, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with evening events as well!Betty Belanus, Curator
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