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Ceri, I am up to my neck in research for the new novel  I bought a local history book entitles Antiquities of Margam Mountain

whih brought homr to mr that there was an organised urban culture 2,000 years ago in smoky ol; Port Talbot.  I live at the foot of this mountain and I started scouring the old maps and read all the local stuff I could about it and Hey presto started to write.  Would loe to see this site archeologically excavate.  Nothing has been done up there.  The site includes village, farms hill forts and barrows, fascinating  IoloMorgannwg states the Silurian tribe fought the Romans, but the Glamorgan and Gwent Archeological society state there is no evidence of this.  However the placenames indicate old battles were fought there.  Quite a surprise for one who never thought al this history existed here.  I am taking the more romantic shall we say interpretation for this from Iolo Morgannwg.  There are prehistoric trackways across the mountains because originally the lowlands were all forest  I could go on and on about this but would probably bore everyone to death.  Nice to hear from you Ceri

Ceri Shaw
09/24/17 04:27:27AM @ceri-shaw:

Can we interest you in an email interview about your researches so far?