Sunrise shots with new graduated neutral density filter

03/02/16 09:14:26PM

I ended up sending the filter set back that I got, they weren't really good quality, and exchanging them for another set on Amazon.  This morning I dragged my hapless middle child out with me to try them as we've had fantastic rain and I was hoping for dramatic skies.  The first photo is the top of the hill in our neighborhood and the second is looking east over the city from the top of another hill near the hospital.  Next I'm saving for a telephoto lense suitable for a beginner.

I got some rainbow lense flare on the right but I love how this came out, the wisps of mist leaving the valley floor and the silhouettes of still empty hedge branches -

This is where I'd love that telephoto but I might try painting this - love that it got the reflection of the headlights in the road surface on the bridge, that was totally unexpected -