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Sy - Is

  • Normally we would use 'mae' to express 'is' e.g.

    Mae Dai yn gyrru. - Dai is driving.

    If we want to emphasise the fact that Dai is driving we would use 'sy'. e.g.

    Dai sy'n gyrru. - It is Dai who is driving.

    We would use this form in response to a question that employs 'sy' to mean 'is' e.g. 

    Pwy sy'n gyrru? - Who is driving?

    Dai sy'n gyrru. - It is Dai who is driving.

    To sum up, we use 'sy' when asking questions and in the answers to them, if we wish to stress or empahasise the subject of the enquiry or response.

    N.B.  sy'n is a contraction of sydd yn and can be used interchangeably with the full form.