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Y Fannod - The Article

  • Welsh does not use the indefinite article (a/an) but there are three forms of the definite article (the) - y , yr and 'r . The rules governing their use are presented below.

    (1)   y is used before consonants. *

    y drws - the door
    y ferch - the girl

    (2)   yr is used before vowels (including 'w' and 'y') and before h .

    yr ystafell - the room
    yr afon - the river
    yr hosan - the sock

    (3)   ’r is used after a word ending in a vowel - it does not matter if the word after it starts with a vowel or a consonant.

    Mae’r bechgyn - The boys are
    Mae’r afon - The river is

    * Note on Soft Mutation - "Using the definite article y ( yr before a vowel) causes a feminine noun to undergo a soft mutation (except if it begins with ll- or rh- )."