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Gan - Since, With, By, From

  • gan - since, as, with, by, from  ( conjunctions / cysyllteiriau  )

    Gan is a preposition meaning 'with, by, from' and as a conjunction meaning 'since, as'.

    It is also used to mean "to have". When used this way it is conjugated as follows:-

    I have             gen i
    you have        gen ti
    you have        gynnoch chi
    he has            ganddo/gynno fo/fe
    she has          ganddi/gynno hi
    we have         gynnon ni
    they have       ganddyn nhw

    e.g. Mae gynno hi gath du. = She has a black cat. ("there is by her a black cat")

    Following 'gan' the possessed noun is affected by lenition .

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