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Gan - Since, With, By, From

  • gan - since, as, with, by, from  ( conjunctions / cysyllteiriau  )

    sample sentence:

    "Ydych chi'n chwilio am rhywbeth ?"
    "Ydw, dwi eisiau prynu copi o Gangsters yn y Glaw gan Pegi Talfryn."

    "Are you looking for something?"
    "Yes, I want to buy a copy of 'Gangsters in the Rain' by Pegi Talfryn."

    Image: Siop Lyfrau

    Gan is a preposition meaning 'with, by, from' and a conjunction meaning 'since, as'. It is also used to mean 'to have' in north Wales. Gyda is used for the same purpose in the south.  When used in this way it is conjugated as follows:-

    I have             gen i
    you have        gen ti
    you have        gynnoch chi
    he has            ganddo/gynno fo/fe
    she has          ganddi/gynno hi
    we have         gynnon ni
    they have       ganddyn nhw

    e.g. Mae gynno hi gath du. = She has a black cat. ( literally: "there is by her a black cat")

    Following 'gan' the possessed noun is affected by lenition .