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@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Blessed Anonymity Of Cyberspace

Ordinarily, a discriminatory
guardedness factors large what I air
in close confidential quarters
within therapist office bare
ring pocked marked soul
of this feigned cheer
full contemplative, introspective,

and ruminative despair
ring fellow, whose unfettered
stream of consciousness
(oxbow lakes included) doth endear
me, asper when posting private
psychological scars fair
lee calloused now, during mine

placid lake state of being oblivious
if online readers scowl and/or glare
at how emotional
exposure seems cavalier,
yet the medium of cyberspace
deafens me against hear
ring objectionable outbursts,

thus not impair
ring ambition to reveal
much more about myself unaware
if some gal or guy
doth smolder with jeer
ring revulsion, not care
ring in the least about

regarding my dear
re licked existence, more so,
when bane of adolescence
as a nerd with longhair
internalized verbal assaults,
I let fester and roil
beating a path to air

tight impenetrable redoubt,
now demolition paid for by Medicare
expunging angst, which
severely bruised ego, a nightmare
courtesy being nay say,
non braying "scapegoat" ne'er dare
ring to fight back, no...

never went nuclear
well...eons ago
admit swiped at spouse
altercations (often) triggered,
when the missus did swear
at me anger brewed

from her own overbear
ring similar saga (wallflower)
silently suffering scare
tactics loosed from anti Semitic barbs
both our lineage of Jewish here

reddit tee, though near
re a jot, sans religion
Haim Ginott bore ye,
foyer hall ready aware
tummy, and no qualms declare
ring atheism asthma prayer
full leitmotif dog bless ya mud ear!

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

R ead - Journal True Bull - His Him Within Lusaka, Zambia

Laston Simuzingili linkedin with this American
maverick freelancing writing scout,
(and word maven par excellence
Matthew Scott Harris always ha sellout),
thru Spoken Word route, a popular global
Facebook poetry forum prodded me to venture,

without shadow of a doubt, and try my hand
to craft, this rhyme for that reason tout
ting expertise (mine) forging metrical
syncopation, which electronically soundless shout,
though tribalism within Lusaka, Zambia beyond
my literary purview hence any objection

i.e. cerebral workout, sans the following
amateurishly wrought gobbledygook by devout atheist
please do not be shy to call me out,
or send strongarm lance of the law if I
unwittingly commit any faux pas, this author,
who took mini crash (course) test dummy
about said convoluted titled topic unbeknownst

to him as little as Trout
Fishing in America,
cuz he gets this hooked Semitic Schnozzle snout
stuck, while groveling, ferreting, expanding
his knowledge base no matter he doth spout -
whale visiting unfamiliar leviathan African bailiwick
may deliver just deserved desserts fallout.

According to the following Google url search result,
I reddit at whatsapp
First Republican President

Kenneth Kaunda opened
potential Pandora box trap
expressing honest opinion, and observed
discrimination predicated on snap
judgement, or based on tribe equally

unfair methodology to foster, and rocket rap
pore, and ethnic background as well
owns no place in Zambia, cuz smeared pap
(as conk curd by ghost of Milton Shapp),

plus Doctor Kaunda also says family names
in tandem should not determine,
who to associate with, any more than nap
pulled lying flat hair, but rather character of hearts,
viz each one of every Zambian availing their lap
necessarily if seat space in short supply.

Speaking at a vision
ambassadors promoting peace
campaign fundraising dinner,
Doctor Kaunda says increase
in toto with discrimination,
suspicion, hatred, betrayal, malice, fleece

sing (the golden calf)
re: greed, selfishness, grease
sing palms, and other
negative behavior release
zing threatening opposition
to zeitgeist, and core values crease
and crimp unity if left unchecked.

He has recalled that during
struggle for independence,
people from various
backgrounds humming and purring
worked hand in glove together,

realizing that they were, spurring
above everything else,
brothers and sisters of
one nation hungry stirring
potential for harmony whirring.

Dr. Kaunda says the “One Zambia One Nation” slogan
coined many decades ago still holds
true and continues starring Hulk Hogan
to unite Zambian’s together as one motley crue
clinging as one to solid state craft toboggan.

He says Zambia remains
a beacon of peace in Africa,
that dare not smother
snapchat, nor shutterfly - oh brother
scuttling important all Zambian citizens
should pay obeisance with mother
land maintaining grew ving
peace and loving one another.

Meanwhile Doctor Kaunda reminded young
people in the country ascending the rung
of success they have a big role to play
with trappings of pride slung

in weaving together unity among unsung
swiftly tailored heroes, as sowers
reaping luxe fabrics of peace among
divinity, integrity, magnanimity,
and unity for this country.

He has however commended President
Edgar Lungu for his efforts in uniting recent
dichotomy, sans the various people in the country,
And speaking at the same event,

National Guidance and reminescent
Religious Affairs Minister
Reverend Godfridah
Sumaili sought riches for indigent -

says national unity and urgent
peace critical for development
of the geographical extent
spanning entire country

Reverend Sumaili says difficult
no matter how fervent
for Zambia to develop
if no unity among Zambians.

And earlier in his speech, Commodores
Vision Ambassador to Zambia
Chairperson Misheck Kombe yours
truly expressed concern to jumpstart
solution regarding regionalism and tribalism at heart
tearing Zambia apart, like inures

reflux resignation of meal,
thus Mr. Kombe underscores
how important each and every shores
Zambian to join the crusade complacent
against tribalism and regionalism
because it retards development for s'mores!

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago
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@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Death Iz The Ultimate Equalizer Of Life

A death sentence automatically imposed no matter when or where
contractions signal readiness for exodus of new life to commence.
Biological processes dictate parenthood as due date sans occupant
housed in utero new life to Brexit birth canal evident. Recourse to
Cesarean Section optioned if complications arise compromising

the welfare of mother to be or jeopardizing vital signs sans body
electric in utero. Upon ultimate spate of agonizing spasms forcing
genetic byproduct (incorporating mom and pop genes from every
preceding generation), an instantaneous curse of mortality inflicted
upon sum re: offspring, which newborn essentially an amalgamation,

conglomeration, and elucidation, where generation of vipers proudly
extol resultant biologic entity, which newborn considered a deductible
Fisher Price poll tax. Since time immemorial successful formulaic
embryonic fetal parturition spritely balanced an offset equation.

Groupon one side of equation necessitating like sum incorporating
kickstarter mandate for college fund. Way before onset of inception
promulgating conception, the ramifications sans millennial inheritable
traits stockpiled within cellular molecular library, whereby species
Rolodex, a continual update revised (and occasionally included an

accidental mutation) stitched into the deoxyribonucleic acid protean
amino acid threads. Interwoven amidst double helix im press sieve
chain gang included atavistic characteristics. Integration of reincarnated
NON GMO gluten free constituent microscopic components included
from countless sources. The earth underwent recreation, reincarnation

reinvention of survivalist adaptation, cosmopolitan and experimentation
with various and sundry modalities of form. At no time did true ownership
prevail i.e. meaning no organism owned outright the physical
trappings encapsulating thee sensate being. Such an abstract concept
would apply to twenty first century Homo sapiens body’s flesh.

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Inward Bound Within Apartment B44

The ghost of Harriet Harris abhor real
disillusioned, disenchanted,
and disembodied (incorporeal
spirit of mine late mother) doth feel
displeasure toward this sole son seal

ling himself most every day inside
the one bedroom flat, a bargain deal
asper costs pegged to monthly
social security disability as sole
income intended to support me,

and the missus, who does not troll
the internet for employment,
and in fact exhibits no goal
to supplement marginal roll,
out sans unearned income, especially now,
(no surprise I wanna be a bachelor)

cuz finances teeter on cusp of red hole
mainly whereby two sizable
automotive costs (within a
six plus month period) sunk me soul,
and psyche on the point

of despair, where goal
to be alive undermined
nearly being penniless
and this communique not aiming to trawl
for sympathy, nor remuneration,

which latter would definitely draw scowl
upon countenance of eldest daughter completes
University study (housed with her eminent beau
within city of brotherly love), awl
so this papa disinclined to apprise her

meager finances put me the dole
drums mainly aforestated a cup pull
of hefty car repairs
spurs impetus to burrow self like a mole
whiling away hours of each twenty four hour

listening...perhaps for me the bell will toll
(at long last mitigating this
deplorable strait no life atoll
where today hard pressed
upon Highland Manor knoll,

and basically undifferentiated from yesterday),
budget restrictions limit choices, hence I stay
inside, where the brutal cold oye vey
also contributes preference
to remain comfortable at
60˙Fahrenheit until April or May

solitary (trivial) purrs hoots
occupy time, to allay
writing, reading, meditating,
exercising... staves off ennui
until...these lovely bones turn brittle,
and shock (wave) of brown hair turns gray.

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago
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@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Inferiority Complex As A Kid And Adult!

I recall father, (now behold
at near ninety years old - maintains stronghold
on life, cuz born of sturdy mettle -
rumor claims bullion – ne'er did buckle nar fold
meaning bull + lion rolled
together and processed

April 9th, nineteen twenty nine),
fortune teller foretold
envious longevity, perhaps
just shy of eternity
older than anyone polled
occasionally got a bit

short tempered as patriarch
( ~6'2” ~ 200 lbs at prime)
over any five members of Harris household
with me, and timid, meek,
and fawning did scold,
and mother, (who passed away

after completing seventy plus orbits, all told,
sans November 13th, nineteen thirty five),
no matter both parents (more mom)
did abhor applying stronghold
tactics vis a vis corporal punishment,
though the late Harriet Harris, not so gold

din as totally carefree disciplinarian
confessed many moons ex post facto lost hold
of her appreciable tolerance,
than quickly crumbled like broken scaffold
after she spanked this monkey upon bony posterior
(an endearment, but NOT spanking

ever since mama did withhold
though kept pet name, which
ideally suited me as a little boy),
both her hands went limp and cold
apology immediately iterated,
cuz she felt mortified, and sold

reparation with self restraint
against further instances tubby brazenly bold
possibly contributed,
fostered, and inculcated mold
ding mine shy characteristic.

Me, this twangy nasal kid
(courtesy of split uvula we did
discover rather a speech pathologist
six grade minor congenital defect

i.e., submucous cleft palate), aforesaid
I experienced interminable
relentlessly psyche burning acrid
tormenting, teasing, and talking funny

this vulnerability compounded amid
my undersized and socially withdrawn demeanor
whereby every day akin getting scorched
by some "NON FAKE" ironclad grid!

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Morning Meditation

Deep inhalation and exhalation
breaths initially activate
relaxation, attributed to stress,
tension, unconscious vectors
woefully agglomerate

ache'n to gangrenous jackknifing noggin
dichotomy to alleviate
cognitive clog analogous
to emotional obstruction
that doth constipate

in an effort to allocate
opportune psychological uplifting
state of emergent euphoria amalgamate
ting in tandem with prescription
medication to leverage mental

quiescence holistically ameliorate
counterproductive suicidal waves
riding roughshod, which repeatedly
pulsate, oscillate, and nurse qua mantra
generate breakers animate

ting my state of consciousness
incessantly inundated with said
stormy sea re: brawl mailer
daemons intent to annihilate
stealthily, jarringly,

and devastatingly annunciate
without warning a tsunami
drowning spirited lifesource,
an undesirable nihilistic thought,
I unwittingly, hatefully,

and accurately anticipate
emotional tug of war
as better angels arbitrate
struggling successfully to arrogate,
and establish erstwhile equilibrium

lest body electric will self asphyxiate
such deep seated
respiration aims to attenuate
ninety nine point nine nine nine...percent
effortlessly injecting willpower,

and survival overpowering
strength modus operandi to dominate
self destructive negative feedback loop
constantly (i.e. daily)
vying to authenticate

practiced discipline, sans shut eye
transcendent mindset to calibrate
and stymie passivity to capitulate,
where resignation writ large checkmate
ting ability to experience and consummate

spiritual ecstasy, wherefore I contemplate
the simple practice the
benefits to coordinate
setting aside absolute
value able quiet time to cultivate
blockbuster, regarding crushing
beast within that doth debilitate!

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Upon Espying Aesthetically Pleasing Females

I admit tubby distracted by a modeling
female physique when attempting to write,
an aching agony rips thru this son,
gripping with hard on – tight -
by Dickens constricting sensation,

who orbited the sun LX times
coon sitters himself heterosexual male,
where slumbering testosterone forces unite,
no matter my libido feels
deadened, this despite

the above mentioned
asthma ordinary devoid sexual drive,
when these eyes (brown and myopic) sight
even just a picture
oven an attractive gal fanciful flight

evokes dormant longings
crashing thru concentration
without any invite
sparring dueling animal urge,
I know ain't right

since being married,
and all (witches nothing to celibate)
boot even if aye hapt tubby
dim witted with cerebral blight
prurient predilections, would

nonetheless prevail causing affright,
whereby the photographed lovely lady
dashes out like shuttered image,
though only so few inches in height,
would make a bee line into an

unreachable cubbyhole,
not totally airtight
just enough breathing room
to await darkening hour of night
than with lightspeed akin to meteorite

off into the farther reaches with a blink quite
invisible this quasi
holographic like pseudo sprite
leaves yours truly in the lurch ignite
ting a supposed sexual propensity gone cold

nay, no can do, cuz
untethered high as a kite
electrifying animal desire forced to bite
the dust, though thankfully concupiscent pang
ordinarily not the least bit aroused, aye attest

nope, not lascivious provocative
Barenaked Ladies can NOT excite
an older fellow, whose adolescent body
seethed with hormonal secretion,
and any pretty young thang did alight

a stick up between still skinny legs,
hence people watching
(particularly gals), a birthright
even migrant and/or
teenage mutant ninja turtle doth delight

tool hook, but NOT touch
most times an effortless fight,
yet every once in a while atavistic
pulsations, asper call
of the wild bobwhite

overrides instagramming, snapchatting,
and twittering uber with such might
even erupting sexless interludes of eunuch
or "FAKE" shining knight

chess moonlighting also as “FAKE” playwright,
hence if perchance a beauty catches me sight
lack of youth in your favor
from my penitent penile plight!

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago
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@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Galley slave to obsessive compulsive behavior

prior to passing thru cervix, buck naked bare

this grandson of Aaron, the sole heir –

foreshortened to Sol Aire

evinced (as shown via ultrasound),

which at birth became crystal clear,

an obsessive compulsive prone

human being, endear

ringly cute as a baby monkey possessed fear

some countenance tipping the scales needled gear

greater or lesser than seven pounds

(minus or plus a few ounces)

with a mass of dreadlocked hair,

otherwise a gangly sack of many a lovely bone,

whereat obstetricians

could not help himself but jeer

thus upon exiting birth canal found him twirling loose

kinky follicular fibers accord

ding to medical records,

a combination of his being bored

(with a really lee super strong arm penchant)

to sport dreadlocks, tough as hemp cord

an anomaly, which no app could compare,

boot nonetheless highly adored

resembling inimitable indestructible filaments,

when taut could lift off the ground a board

dillow, which no reference manual could address

even topnotch experts queried, could not explain

outrageous constituent rare

lee if never seen before, though still insured,

a novel boot nada so critical freak of nature ma lord

hirsute component part in a triple tier moored

substantial pressure upon the head,

entwining, looping, spilling somehow

interweaving umbilical cord

into a mass of whirled wide webbed wear suitable for

four seasons, which bamboozled,

grew like Kudzu into an immense globular mass galore

('bout the size of Rhode Island) after one year hoar

more, and wove in part from stem cell threads, nor

ceased proliferating after birth placenta

accrued intact and immediately put in cold store

room, a by very peculiar product

tinged with strands of blond hair

evoking how lioness would roar

cocooning, contriving, and conveying this (tiny tim) mud dude.

@wales4me2live4ever • 2 years ago

Although an ache in pit o my belly
like a dull swinging pendulum used at a deli
undermines me state of health, force myself
to seek distraction - x 'cept talking over the telly.

The following poetic endeavor in regard to an article from January 2013 issue of Smithsonian magazine glorifying the indulgence of mad scientists to stymie that terminal negative node where the definition of being a sensate being scares the dickens (or substitute preferred expletive) out of me!


Each subsequent process of cell division

i.e. mitosis sans the biological parlance

erodes chromosomal re:

captcha telomere if you can envision

at some juncture senescence prevails –

apoptosis no chance

to prevent this natural degradation,

and the alternate decision

per opting to bail from etching

chronological age – averse at a glance

to this mortal male, who decries

that death breed’s frisson

thus disallowing healthy discussion,

once end of the figurative dance

delivers the curtain call on existence –

where grim reaper jeers with derision

at attempts to thwart cessation of life,

whereby scientists seek to enhance

longevity – even exhuming the dead,

and experimenting with incision

to rewind expired meter fostering

demise after staying alive – with lance

a lot chock full of chemical concoctions

to revive corpse as the ultimate mission

yet, any effort to transcend the genetic

bulwark engendered from bulge in pants

in tandem with merging with ova –

based on each coupling favored position

ought not be tampered with lest havoc

t’will be rent asunder and rants

from rabid quest per course ala collision

inscribed within dna blueprint

from extinct cousins of uncles and aunts

prepping monster to burst from

Ray Kurzweil laboratory

whereby to halt recalcitrant

zombie spells fruition!

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