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Warm Heart

user image 2022-10-02
By: Paul Steffan Jones AKA
Posted in: Poetry

The faded good looks of middle Wales
a well worn many coloured coat
its towns still insisting 
on breaking through the crust
of drying up commerce
and the slight of bypassing 

windows open to keep cool
but instead invite a new climate
bringing neighbours closer
and flies that hit the double glazing
dazed and bruised 

the gigantic escarpments 
hill fort patterns and holy rocks
abandoned homes revealed
in retreating defeated waters
those shy river sources

ospreys and others
vulnerable but splendid
choose this wilderness 
to regroup and to return
to pick our shamed bones

their shadows on hot plate roofs 
there are health warnings 
and burning buildings 
a sign of these times
these warning signs