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Michael Browne
@michael-browne • 4 years ago

Today is Michael Browne's Birthday
Michael Browne
@michael-browne • 7 years ago
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Michael Browne
Michael Browne
@michael-browne • 7 years ago
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Brian y Tarw Llwyd
01/11/17 02:24:30PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:

Penblwydd Hapus i chi! Happy Birthday to you! May your day be full of good friends and family, and good cheer.
Pob hwyl

Ceri Shaw
05/10/16 04:36:13AM @ceri-shaw:

Hi Michael...I see you worked out how to do the bundles. I just made a test purchase. Looking forward to recieving Variety Box 2 and reviewing the product on here :) Meanwhile I will email with the banner. Do you want one of our section head banners ( the big ones at the top of blogs,photos etc) in exchange?

Pam Slotsky
05/08/09 01:30:09AM @pam-slotsky:
Hi!Love the inFAMOUS Welsh Cookies. I know your brother Pete and have helped staff his tent at a few events. We've tried to get hhim to join this site...but no luck! Oh well, keep on baking--good stuff!
Ceri Shaw
06/29/08 05:13:53PM @ceri-shaw:
Hi Michael. .....Croeso i Americymru. Portland Oregon here...originally from Cardiff. Feel free to invite any friends that you think would be interested in joining. The network has many features which allow people with a shared love of Wales to communicate and share photos, videos, links, blogposts etc and we will be adding new features from time to time. Make yourself right at home.Once again...CroesoCeri Shaw