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The Indian Doctor

By gaabi, 2015-03-30

I just recently finished binge-watching the entire  three seasons of this BBC miniseries on

"The Indian Doctor" has a 7.9 star rating from the Internet Movie Database at and I was excited to see that Ifan Huw Daffyd, known to us as AmeriCymru member Huw Davies, is in it.  

Dr. Prem Sharma (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and his wife, Kamini Sharma (Ayesha Dharker), emigrate from Delhi, India to the south Wales valleys village of Trefelin of  in the early 1960s, and learn to become part of the community and adjust to their new home.  Huw Davies plays Owen Griffiths, whose invitation brings the Sharmas to Wales; a miner and labor leader, widower and the troubled father of a young son.  

The show is very light, gently touching on social issues but it's beautiful to look at and pleasant to watch.  Not a world-changing documentary, just some nice story lines, period nostalgia and gorgeous scenery when you want to relax and, if you're looking for it, some chances to hear Welsh spoken by some residents of the town.

And Huw Davies is in it, so watch and rate!  ;) 

This is actor Dominic Monaghan in an interview about John Rhys Davies playing Gimli in "The Lord of the Rings" series -

I love John Rhys Davies in anything, even godawful horrors like "Sabretooth" -

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somewhat shamelessly stolen from: