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Free Castell Coch Halloween Pumpkin Stencil

user image 2009-10-20
By: gaabi
Posted in: Halloween

Of the many ancient traditions associated with Halloween ( Nos Calan Gaeaf ) in Wales, one of the most colorful is the legend of Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta. According to the Wikipedia :- "Legend has it that a fearsome spirit called Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta took the form of a tail-less black sow and roamed the countryside with a headless woman. Children would rush home early." For more information on Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta and other Welsh Halloween traditions visit the 'Wales on Britannia' Welsh Culture and Traditions webpage. We are still working on a 'tailless black sow with headless woman' template but in the meantime here's an easy Castell Coch pumpkin stencil. Click the link below for a downloadable pdf template together with easy to follow instructions.

Although Castell Coch does not have any particularly creepy associations it is a fine mock gothic pile. It's a very simple, easy stencil and I threw in a couple of circling bats for extra seasonal ambience. There are Welsh dragon ( Ddraig Goch ) halloween pumpkin stencils here .


Welsh Halloween Pumpkin Stencil ( Castell Coch )

Castell Coch on Wikimedia Commons