Saturday March 12th – Wales v England 4.00pm - Scoreline Prediction

03/12/16 12:58:34PM
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Pfft, I don't know a thing about any of the players this year but Wales 100, England 0!

Ceri Shaw
03/12/16 05:53:52AM
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Wales 30 England 3 Happy

Ralph Jones
03/11/16 05:11:22PM
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England 22 Wales 23

Bruce Thomas
03/11/16 03:51:12PM
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Wales 36 - England 29

Madoc Roberts
03/10/16 09:25:19PM
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Wales 24 - England 16

Phil Wyman
03/10/16 08:53:52PM
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I can't believe John Good gave that absurd score! Eddie Jones (Pretending to be Welsh) brings his Japanese experience to lead the English team. Should be a replay of 2004 Wales/Japan match: 98-0 Wales. :-)

John Good/Sioni Dda
03/10/16 07:04:09PM
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England 3, Wales 57. (The English 3 points were an accident ... the ball bounced off the head of the French referee, who inadvertantly scored a header  while swallowing his whistle.)

Ceri Shaw
01/17/16 06:40:59PM
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Because watching the match becomes even more interesting when you've predicted the outcome

Whoever gets closest to the actual result for all five matches will be the proud recipient of our 2016 scoreline prediction prize. Pob lwc!

( If you need help picking a scoreline go here for inspiration:- Wales v England Results )


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