Welsh Actress looking to cross the pond! please help <3

mona everett
01/05/13 09:23:14PM
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Go to the Chicago Tafia Facebook page and contact Dave Parry. The Tafia's original purpose was to help ex-pats with immigration. He should have lots of ideas.

Pub lwc!


Ceri Shaw
01/05/13 07:04:29PM
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Hi Alexandra...busy morning. Will try and get back to you with my thoughts ( for what they are worth ) later on

Alexandra Hamer
01/05/13 05:37:29PM
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Hi guys, my name is Alex. Im a 21 year old Welsh soon to be graduate with a BA in Acting.

I'm highly determind to move to California in the near future as I lived there for 6 months just recently and fell in love with the way of life and the people.

Any one have any info on how someone in my situation could go about emigrating? or even spending part of my time there?

Any info would be amazing!!

ps, dw'i'n siarad cymraeg yn rhygl hefyd :D (I speak fluent welsh :D)

Diolch <3

Alexandra x

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