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I am a retired mechanical engineer who lives on a boat and carves Welsh lovespoons using only hand tools. I’ve been carving, off and on, most of my life. I’ve never liked power tools and have stopped using them all together. I feel that using a power tool takes me away from contact with my material. Wood was once a living, breathing entity, and, as such, deserves the respect of thoughtful handling. I use only domestic hardwoods so that I don’t contribute to the depletion of tropical rainforests. By using only hand tools I decrease the carbon footprint of my work. The use of knives, saws and even a hand-cranked drill keeps me in physical touch with my art. This makes the carving of each lovespoon a unique and intimate act, an act intended to build a bridge between me and my client. I seldom use abrasives, and I purposely leave tool marks on all my work. I want everyone who sees one of my lovespoons to know, just by looking, that it was made by a human being for a human being. My lovespoons are a product of my passion, love, spirit and philosophy. Like all artists, I leave a bit of my soul behind in each of my pieces. We humans look for things for our homes that we connect with on an emotional level. That’s what makes a house, apartment or a shed a home. My goal is to give my clients that connection.

I work with two classes of wood. Most of my work, and virtually all my commission work, is done with seasoned lumber. This allows my clients to choose the type of wood they would like. I also carve lovespoons using raw tree branches usually found on the ground after storms. I call these my Greenwood Series. With these spoons I allow the wood to dictate the shape of the spoon. If a branch has twists, turns or knots, so will the spoon. The lovespoons in my Greenwood Series are more rustic and freeform with lots of character.

The thing I most enjoy about carving is working with a client to produce a custom Love Spoon. The resulting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is something that stays with both me and my client for a long time.

Why should you order a custom Love Spoon?

  • You will be giving something that is unique in all the world. No mass produced item from a department store, not even Neiman Marcus, can compare.
  • The gift of a custom Love Spoon celebrates the indelible connection between you and the spouse, lover, parent, child, or very special friend to whom you give it, a connection that is brought to mind and strengthened each time they, and you, look at it.
  • The symbols incorporated in the design of a custom Love Spoon have meaning specific to the person for whom the Spoon is created whether it's things for which they have a particular fondness, milestones in their past life, or hopes for their future.
  • The custom Love Spoon establishes a tangible reminder that you care about the recipient in a deep and special way.
  • A custom Love Spoon doesn't have to be elaborate, complicated, or terribly expensive. That's why it's called "custom." You can have it made to your specifications, whatever those may be, for complexity, materials, delivery date, and price. All that matters is what you and the carver you have chosen agree upon

The next time you have a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion coming up consider giving a custom Love Spoon. It's something you and your loved one will remember for the rest of your lives. And when you think about that, think about The Art of Romance . I'll do my best to make the experience memorable.

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Bob Tinsley
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Today is Bob Tinsley's Birthday
Bob Tinsley
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Today is Bob Tinsley's Birthday
Bob Tinsley
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"Check out Dave Western's book, HISTORY OF LOVESPOONS, for a lot more about the symbols."
Bob Tinsley
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"Lovespoon Meanings A well thought out lovespoon packs a lot of emotion, meaning and memories into a small space. It does that through the use of..."
Bob Tinsley
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"Very nice! "

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Brian y Tarw Llwyd
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Penblwydd Hapus i chi! Happy Birthday to you! May your day be full of good friends and family, and good cheer.
Pob hwyl

Bob Tinsley
04/08/09 01:48:36AM @bob-tinsley:
I have a new post on my blog about "Lovespoon Lite or You Would Think I'd Learn!" Mistakes are learning experiences, and, boy, am I learning! Check out
Bob Tinsley
03/01/09 07:36:03PM @bob-tinsley:
I've started a new blog about my carvings. Welsh lovespoons will be heavily covered along with my Santas and woodspirits. Check out
12/30/08 01:29:25AM @gaabi:
Ah-ha! Bob is more than a follower of David Western's blog, he was this week's Guest Blogger and you can see his work here on David's blog
Brian y Tarw Llwyd
12/29/08 06:10:28PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:
Hail and well met! Welcome to Americymru, soon to be your favorite website! Hopefully :-) Check out the various interest groups, and the videos and music... wonderful stuff. And there are a lot of nice people here too. Hope you like what you find! Blessings to you this day.Brian y Tarw Llwyd
Ceri Shaw
12/29/08 03:58:20AM @ceri-shaw:
Hi Bob....Portland Oregon here. Originally from Cardiff. Croeso i Americymru. Feel free to invite any friends that you think would be interested in joining. The network has many features which allow people with a shared love of Wales to communicate and share photos, videos, links, blogposts etc and we will be adding new features from time to time. Make yourself right at home. Once again...Croeso!