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Elizabeth Spragins

After the Day (A Clogyrnach) 

02/16/19 12:10:07AM, by Elizabeth Spragins

Dusk dims the light and veils this farm’sForgotten face and homespun charms.Behind rusted gatesA crow cultivatesEarth that waitsFor tanned armsTo harness moody mules to plow.No wrinkled face with sweaty browLifts toward welcome rain.Equine weather vaneTosses mane,Jumps a bough,And pivots toward the PleiadesBefore an unseen hand can seizeThe reins or halter.Tarnished hooves falter:Tracks alterWith the breeze.Then moonlight cools July’s hard heatAnd silvers errant stalks of wheat.With darkness...
Dai Thomas

New york st davids day

02/27/10 05:28:44AM, by Dai Thomas

Is there anything going on in NY this ST Davids Day??
Gwenno Dafydd

Ideas for Saint David's Day

10/22/08 02:47:05AM, by Gwenno Dafydd

Hi - Shwmai Pawb!I have set up an official National Saint David's Day Parade (NSDDP) Facebook group and am slowly adding things on to it as to what will be happening here in Cardiff on the day. If you want to see some of last year's action go to www.stdavidsday.org to see some of the videos and utube clips available.There is an official NSDDP song called 'Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi' - 'Ring out the Bells for Saint David' which you could all learn wherever you are in the world. The song was...
Ian Price2

Having a bad day? Think again!

08/10/11 08:28:54PM, by Ian Price2

These are funny........>> 1). THE NEXT TIME YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING A BAD DAY:>> Fire authorities in California found a corpse in a burned out section of> forest while assessing the damage done by a forest fire. The deceased male> was dressed in a full wet suit, complete with scuba tanks on his back,> flippers, and facemask. A post-mortem revealed that the person died not> from burns, but from massive internal injuries. Dental records provided a> positive...
Nigel T Packer

Copper day March 5th 2011 - Swansea

02/23/11 09:28:47PM, by Nigel T Packer

About (credit: ESRC Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper Project) Copper Day marks the 200th anniversary of the first copper ingot rolling out of the internationally-famed Hafod Copperworks of Vivian and Sons and the 50th birthday of the Lower Swansea Valley Project which began the worlds first post-industrial land reclamation scheme. In the city that once smelted half of the worlds copper this festival of talks, tours, activities and information aims to raise awareness of the...
Harold Powell

My...how things have changed!

06/05/13 03:17:09PM, by Harold Powell

In a world once ruled by the Evil Empire led by Microsoft and where the last fading light of the Jedi dream of freedom flickered at the edge of extinction, it came to pass that "...t he more the Emperor tightened his grip, the more star systems slipped through his fingers." Last week Mark Shuttleworth crossed off one of the biggest goals of his free Ubuntu operating system: removing Microsoft's dominance. He did not claim credit but he did claim that the goal had been reached. So Is...
Brett Hull

Welsh Football (Soccer) Teams & English Football Leagues

12/19/12 01:48:55AM, by Brett Hull

Welsh football teams are currently playing well in the English Leagues. Cardiff is on track to having a chance to move up to the Premier League. It would be great to have 2 teams from Wales in the Premier. Newport County and Wrexham are playing well and are on track to moving up to league 2. Current table placements for these team are listed below. Premier League - 8th - Swansea City Championship League - 1st - Cardiff Conference National - 1st - Newport County - 3rd - Wrexham To view...
Svitlana Matiushenko-Musyj

DRIVING HOME FROM SCHOOL ONE DAY IN MAY, by Svitlana Matiushenko-Musyj

02/15/19 09:16:12PM, by Svitlana Matiushenko-Musyj

On the way home Bell was too thoughtful no reason The school was good today unlike the season May Gray has darkened coastal skies of sunny California, The clouds would remain, but they allowed a hazy sunshine way To brighten afternoon, hooray! La Nina cooling must again foretell a gloomy month or two Car stereo was blasting,” Ohhh! One foot in front of the other All that we have in each other, one foot in front of the other, ohhh!”   They both liked to sing, especially her mom, Mrs. Meower,...
Ceri Shaw

Where In Wales?

11/14/11 06:21:05PM, by Ceri Shaw

We have decided to relaunch the old Sidebar Image Competition as a Forum game in this thread. The reasons for this are fourfold:- 1. A number of people couldn't see the image ( particularly on mobiles etc ). 2. The blog for posting answers/guesses was somewhat difficult to locate. 3. Resizing and uploading the images was a bit of a chore. 4. Only admins could change the image. NOW anyone can upload an image here . SO welcome to the new AmeriCymru 'Where In Wales' competition I'll be...
Brett Hull

British English vs. American English. Is There a Difference? Give us your thoughts.

01/09/12 10:51:29PM, by Brett Hull

American English vs. British English. What are the differences? This discussion came about as a result of an AC chat box discussion about which Welsh version of the word milk (lleath South or llefrith North) you prefer to use. I am not sure that we had much agreement either way. At the end of the day, it can be concluded that while there are some differences in the varying dialects of Welsh (mainly North vs. South), they can understand each other. When I brought up the question of whether...
Rhian Waller

Linkin up - yn papurau newydd!

02/10/12 11:54:50AM, by Rhian Waller

I'm Rhian, and I'm a journalist from North Wales. I'm going to be travelling the US this summer for a few months, probably around late August, and I have pitched an idea for a regular column to my paper, the Flintshire Leader, and its parent company. My bosses are keen to get something in to the paper, but they want a specific angle. I thought it would be interesting to visit people with Welsh connections while I'm on the continent - for a cup of tea, or maybe an authentic Welsh rarebit and...
Lawrence Davies2

Best and Worst of the Welsh National Anthem ?

07/08/13 01:31:48AM, by Lawrence Davies2

The Welsh National Anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, "Land of My Fathers" was written by Evan James and his son, James James, who came from the town of Pontypridd, and was written at the start of 1856. So, in the last century and a half, plenty of people have sung it, played it, and even murdered it. Thinking about the best and worst versions I have ever heard, I can come up with a few renditions at either end of the spectrum. One of the best version would be Titch Gwilym, whose cover on...