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Yr Wyddf Wood block

By: Peter Lewis
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Yr Wyddf Wood block

II've finally begun some new wood block prints. It's been a good 20 years since I last did any block cutting, though I've been etching more recently. I have mountains and waterfalls planned. Here first is a view of Yr Wyddfa (Snowden) looking cross Crib Goch with Llyn Lladaw below. The tough part is finding texture in the somewhat even-featured sides of the mountain. Next up will be a waterfall from my home in Connecticut. Perhaps some bridges. They have a definite structure which is easier to describe with black and white lines. Stay tuned.

Peter Lewis
04/05/12 01:40:35AM @peter-lewis:

Wyddfa and Llyndaw. There. It's my typing more than my spelling As for process, I worked from a photo, which I flipped on the computer so my drawing, based on the photo, would be reversed, with left becoming right. When printed it ends up reversing again, back to it's proper orientation. Otherwise the lakes would end up to the right of the mountain, an obvious error. I use carbon paper to trace over the photo onto the block, drawing out the large outlines of the main features. Much of the cutting is then done freehand, figuring it out as I go. The mountains got white lines on black, the sky got black lines on white. Roll on some ink, press the paper against the block and there you have it.

Brian Stephen John
04/04/12 08:32:47PM @brian-stephen-john:

Interesting, Peter! Very strong images. (Gentle hint -- please get your place name spellings right....)

Gaynor Madoc Leonard
04/04/12 07:04:36PM @gaynor-madoc-leonard:

Very impressive indeed. I'll look forward to seeing more.

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