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Hensold and Good Ar Lan Y Mor.mp4

Duration: 00:03:46

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Ceri Shaw
12/27/12 06:41:24PM @ceri-shaw:

From the Wikipedia Ar Lan Y Mor :-


Ar lan y mr mae rhosys cochion
Ar lan y mr mae lilis gwynion
Ar lan y mr mae 'nghariad inne
Yn cysgu'r nos a chodi'r bore.

Ar lan y mr mae carreg wastad
Lle bm yn siarad gair 'm cariad
O amgylch hon fe dyf y lili
Ac ambell gangen o rosmari.

Ar lan y mr mae cerrig gleision
Ar lan y mr mae blodau'r meibion
Ar lan y mr mae pob rinweddau
Ar lan y mr mae nghariad innau.

Llawn yw'r mr o swnd a chegryn
Llawn yw'r wy o wyn a melyn
Llawn yw'r coed o ddail a blode
Llawn o gariad merch wyf inne.

Mor hardd yw'r haul yn codi'r bore
Mor hardd yw'r enfys aml ei liwie
Mor hardd yw natur ym Mehefin
Ond harddach fyth yw wyneb Elin


Beside the sea red roses growing
Beside the sea white lilies showing
Beside the sea their beauty telling
My true love sleeps within her dwelling

Beside the sea the stones lie scattered
Where tender words in love were uttered
While all around there grew the lily
And sweetest branches of rosemary

Beside the sea blue pebbles lying
Beside the sea gold flowers glowing
Beside the sea are all things fairest
Beside the sea is found my dearest

Full the sea of sand and billows
Full the egg of whites and yellows
Full the woods of leaf and flower
Full my heart of love for ever.

Fair the sun at new days dawning
Fair the rainbows colours shining
Fair the summer, fair as heaven
Fairer yet the face of Elin

John Good/Sioni Dda
07/14/12 07:18:09PM @john-good-sioni-dda:

Diolch for the thought.

Ceri Shaw
07/14/12 07:13:51PM @ceri-shaw:

Hear John Good live at the West Coast Eisteddfod

John Good/Sioni Dda
07/14/12 04:41:27PM @john-good-sioni-dda:

Diolch Brian, Northumbria, pipes and Welsh songs have a very ancient geographical/cultural connection, but there's something more to theresynchronicity ...

Brian y Tarw Llwyd
07/14/12 04:19:20PM @brian-y-tarw-llwyd:

Wonderful! Many blessings to the artists.