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Cymylau - Clouds

Duration: 00:04:59
Sioni Dda with Oceans Apart, in concert in Estes Park 2006

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John Good/Sioni Dda
06/19/12 04:26:41PM @john-good-sioni-dda:

Diolch, it's always cool to be appreciated!

Baarbaara Sheep
06/19/12 04:22:21PM @baarbaara-sheep:


John Good/Sioni Dda
07/04/08 09:44:19AM @john-good-sioni-dda:
Wel, diolch yn fawr. Dw i'n yng Nghymru o hyd ond fe fyddaf yn ol yr wythnos nesaf. 'Welaf!Thanks a lot. I'm in Cymru still but will be back (in Arizona) next week. See you!Diolch eto Joel. Thanks again Joel. Cymylau/clouds is one of mine, then the jigs and air are trad. Welsh with the reel a modern comp. by the Welsh/Irish dance master, Padraig Farfog(?)
Joel Thomas Fabin
07/02/08 08:42:12PM @joel-thomas-fabin:
I really like this. Teriffic!