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"Dafydd y Garreg Wen" / "David of the White Rock" (David Lloyd - Tenor)

Duration: 00:03:25
David Lloyd (1912-1969). Born in Trelogan, Flintshire, Wales. Considered as one of the finest Welsh voices of all time. Here, he performs an English translat...

Iona Wyn Hall
12/14/11 02:50:19PM @iona-wyn-hall:

A tribute to two Welsh legends.

David Owen (Dafydd y Garreg Wen)the composer of this haunting airand David Lloyd who's wonderful tenor voice touches the heart. Cysgwch yn dawel a gwyn eich byd.

Iona Wyn Hall
12/13/11 11:08:34PM @iona-wyn-hall:
David the bard on his bed of death liesPale are his features and dim are his eyesYet all around him his glance wildly roves,Till it alights on the harp that he loves.Give me my harp, my companion so longLet it once more add its voice to my songThough my old fingers are palsied and weakStill my good harp for its master will speak.
Iona Wyn Hall
12/13/11 11:06:15PM @iona-wyn-hall:
David Lloyd sings about David Owen a famous blind harpist and composer who lived at Garreg Wen (White Rock) Morfa Bychan near Porthmadog. As David Owen lay on his death bed, he called for his harp and composed this haunting air. He died at the age of 29 and was buried at St. Cynhaearn's Church near Porthmadog. Words follow shortly.