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Twm Sion Cati Festival 2009

Duration: 00:06:45
This was set up to commemorate the life of Thomas Jones alias Twm Sion Cati. He is a legendary figure in Welsh History and had a close association with Rhandirmwyn and the Upper Tywi Valley. He was born in Tregaron in about 1530 but legend has it that he hid in a location near to Ystradffin Farm, Rhandirmwyn which has become known as Twm Sion Catis cave. Much has been written about his exploits and it is hoped that this website will clarify the facts and the myths about him. In the latter years of his life he married Joan a widow who lived at Ystradffin Farm, Rhandirmwyn. He died 400 years ago in 1609 and it is therefore fitting that we have a celebration of his life at Ystradffin Farm, Rhandirmwyn.