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Llewellyn-Geordie & Maggie-H

Llewellyn-Geordie & Maggie-H


David Llewellyn
04/05/11 03:02:23PM @david-llewellyn:

Meg, Thanks for checking in

Poor Geordie indeed. Not sure what happened to Rachel either ;O)



Meg Evans Smith
04/04/11 04:06:16PM @meg-evans-smith:
Lovely song, indeed! Poor Geordie. :-(
David Llewellyn
04/10/09 02:30:24PM @david-llewellyn:
Lorraine,Thanks for the commentLove your new video too! Good song.Give my love to the boys (and girls) back 'ome ;O) Big hugs, DavidDon't forget to vote! - http://davidllewellyn.com/news.html
Lorraine King
04/10/09 01:47:22PM @lorraine-king:
Hey thats just the fabbest song Dave, well done, sounds like it could become a Welsh favouritex