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Flo and Stan

Tower ballroom Blackpool, a tall distinguished gentleman was waltzing around the dance floor. His dancing partner,he had met on a senior citizen coach holiday, although travelling on different trips.

Stan and Flo had met over a cream tea afternoon in the hotel where they were staying, and hit it off immediately, sharing the same interests. Both having been bereaved and sharing an interest in ballroom dancing.

When they weren’t dancing or sharing cream teas, they used to take a short walk to the cafe on the edge of the fairground where they would enjoy a dinner of fish and chips and enjoy each others company.

Although they were on a short break holiday, they swapped telephone numbers, and promised to keep in touch as they boarded their  separate buses for the journey home.

As time went on Flo would wait for the call that never came,and resigned herself to not hearing again from Stan. Although her friends urged her to contact Stan, knowing that she still had his number, but she refused to do so.

Two years later Flo and her friends boarded the bus to go again to Blackpool. This trip was also for her 70th birthday,her friends all saying that she might meet up again with Stan.But Flo thought that this was unlikely, convincing herself that Stan did not want to meet up again.

That evening as Flo and her friends relaxed in the lounge of the hotel, a tall distinguished figure walked into the room. Flo looked over as he smiled in her direction,and could feel her pulse quickening, it was Stan.

As they talked Flo at first was cold towards him,as Stan explained that he had tried to telephone her, and had been kept getting told that this was the wrong number, he then gave up thinking that Flo did not want to talk to him.

Flo was not impressed with his explanation,until Stan brought a piece of paper out of his wallet. Flo took the paper off Stan and saw that it was in her handwriting, containing her telephone number that she had written down for him. As she looked at the number she realised that the number she had written down was wrong, the third digit should have been a seven, but it looked like a one.

Flo was horrified,she had been secretly blaming Stan for not getting in touch with her, when all of the time it was her mistake with the phone number that she had given him. But Stan was just glad that they were reunited.

He told Flo that her son had contacted him, as Flo had also kept his number,and told him that it was her birthday and it might be nice for them to meet up again.

The two days that they were there, they were inseparable, dancing, cream teas and fish and chips. When they were to go home they made sure that they had the correct phone numbers,and promised that this time they would keep in touch.

Over the next two years they would spend time together. They would visit each others homes, and meet the families.

Stan didn’t have any children,and he was well liked by Flo’s two son’s and her daughter and the grandchildren.

One week-end Stan and Flo went to Blackpool, and as usual they walked around the pleasure park, and went dancing. The afternoon before they came home they went to their favourite hotel for a cream tea.

Stan as usual poured the tea, and took a cake off the stand,put it on a plate and handed it to Flo. The cake had a strawberry on top, Flo’s favourite. As she took the strawberry off the top as she always did,underneath was an engagement ring.

They are now very happily married.

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