DRIVING HOME FROM SCHOOL ONE DAY IN MAY, by Svitlana Matiushenko-Musyj

Svitlana Matiushenko-Musyj
02/15/19 09:16:12PM
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On the way home Bell was too thoughtful no reason

The school was good today unlike the season

May Gray has darkened coastal skies of sunny California,

The clouds would remain, but they allowed a hazy sunshine way

To brighten afternoon, hooray!

La Nina cooling must again foretell a gloomy month or two

Car stereo was blasting,” Ohhh! One foot in front of the other

All that we have in each other, one foot in front of the other, ohhh!”


They both liked to sing, especially her mom, Mrs. Meower,

Her voice was honey smooth, her dental patients failed refuse

To do checkups, apply fluor varnish, take x-rays

They would believe her purr in any case!

The girl adored her mommy whispurring good night

Or saying,” Morning! Have milk and waffles, time for school, no fight”

She was amazing in her way to move, a ballerina step

To cherish and admire birds being almost oh her lap



The school was cool, mom let her wear BranDY Meolville:

Light cream neat beanie and a red sweatshirt Big Deal

White Tilden pants, rose ankle socks and trendy sneakers

Ali McClaw had crush on her and offered project help,

Catalie Portman said she should apply for cheerleading role,

Course fit enough and they need pretty tall

In Science they went to study sea life at Tide Pools

“These awesome fish!” she thinks and mewls


Another project “How to eat fried warms” was all but fancy

They read a book, she’d rather cook a tuna mornay healthy,

Fish fingers or quick fishcakes served in sour cream

Whichever dish would make mom’s wish this Sunday dream

In Bella’s head twirled thousands thoughts on Mother’s Day

“Hey Kitty, hey!” her mom was cheering and, “Say

What’s up? Need help? What’s on your mind?”

They went on driving with Bella’s foxy smiling


Art Class and Crafts she liked, it was productive,

Her funny heart shape pin would make mom swing

Her mind about daughter’s skills and humor

In Music class with Mr.Miao she was the best

To show her thirst for singing solo, and surprise:

The school advised her live performance to be broadcast

On Mother’s Day, believe or not she’ll be on air!

 It is so rare!


The little Bella had a plan, she struggled keep it in a secret

With mom kept asking her what’s up

And dad being far away from home,

He served his mission over ocean as Dr.Meower

They missed him greatly, till just last night

He texted her of his arrival this Mother’s Day,

What could she say if only WOW! But shh…

On their way home Bell was so thoughtful


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