For A Friend by Miriam Sullivan

Ceri Shaw
02/12/19 07:02:49PM
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In this world of pain and laughter

‘Mid the clash of clocks and dreams

On my heart there weighs another

Who once lived captive, lone and weak


In that prison of his childhood

Locked from love and kept from Thee

Did his heart not know of mercy

Never taste of Cavalry's stream?


That Thy Word should be so twisted!

That in what both heals and saves

He should only see a weapon

Made to capture and enslave!


When he later knew Thy goodness

Knelt and hailed Thee as his King

Did that shadow still pursue him

Keep him from a fuller being?


May I speak in truth and mercy

Love the broken, lead to Him

May I die before betraying them

Just like Judas, with a kiss

Make me in the string of minutes

Straight a pathway, Lord, to Thee

Who for every hopeless child

Bled and died on Calvary's tree