The Ruakuri Bushwalk by Miriam Sullivan

Ceri Shaw
02/12/19 07:02:05PM
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A bridge leads from the caves: The night surrounds --

Beneath, the troubled river writhes, but pools

Stand back; within their calm the stars are jewels

Each star a monarch of the pool it crowns.

Above, the vault of heaven, opened, sounds

The deep of earth, and every hurt that rules

The day dissolves, and night, with unseen tools

Unlocks the infinite star-peopled towns.

Around the bridge, glow worms, from walls of stone

Reflect the dancing stars, pulsing light

From bodies matchstick-frail. The lines they’ve grown

Seem one with them: green daggers caught in flight.

Suspended in this chasm of stars, soul-blown

To other worlds, you’re held, spellbound by the night.