sound of silence by Anisha Johnson

Ceri Shaw
02/05/19 01:54:01AM
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people say there's nothing louder than the sound of silence

and i think i've finally figured out why.

sometimes i walk into the woods

loam and leaf crunching softly underfoot

fluttering like angel wings in the dusky light

that light that twinkles with starry dust and wraps you in its warm embrace

like honey, like mystery

a light that makes you feel as though it shines just for you.

the tree roots snake around my feet -

don't leave, don't leave, don't leave

trunks spiral up all around:

maybe if we reach a little higher, we can touch the clouds

they're pillars and castles and churches

they're stony kings and queens

they're beautiful.


i step up to you

press my cheek against your bark

every whorl’s a portal to a hidden world,

every gem of amber a frozen call to yesteryear

tree sap sticks to my fingers -

but i know it's just your way of shaking hands

your branches reach out for my hair - you're curious -

i smile and let you stroke my head.

i wrap my arms around you

and i listen.

this is the sound of silence.

you’re talking to me

your leaves whisper into my ears

as your soul touches mine

you want to know who i am

you're looking into my heart

you're saying hello.


this is the sound of silence.

you’re all calling to us, talking to us

we just haven't learned to hear you

but we know your voices are there.

we know it in every hair that rises on our necks

in the way the forest rustles all around you

you all just want to know who we are

who are these strangers who have claimed your planet

who are these people who attach swings to your branches -


who are these humans who chop you down?


this is the sound of silence -


it's because we can't hear you

that we don't care

we don't understand.

we smile at you and then we take blades to your trunks

saw off your limbs to make fires,

the very thing you're all afraid of

we can't face our own fears

but we force you to face yours

day by day by endless day

and all the time you're screaming, begging

while we walk away without a second glance

we kill your brethren to further ourselves

and yet we breathe not one word of thanks

even though you make our world beautiful

even though you give us all life


so maybe that silence

maybe it's one we've made ourselves

because silence only happens when there's no conversation

and since when

have we tried to talk to you?

to tell you how much we love you?

but it's not too late

so let's start that conversation:

when we walk into the woods next time

let's take a moment to hug you all

like you're our friends, our family

let's take a moment to listen to

your sound of silence.